Visiting Udo Island on car

Visiting Udo Island on Car

Udo Island is a tiny island perfect for a day trip. To visit Udo Island, take the ferry at the Seongsan Harbour in Jeju.

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Visitors to Udo Island have the option to cycle, drive an ATV-like electric car (if you have a valid International Driving Permit) or take the bus. However, driving gave us sufficient time to savour the famous Hallasan fried rice, munch on Udo specialty peanut ice cream, trek the Udobong Peak and chill by the beautiful beach.

Arriving Seongsan Harbour

There are signs along the main road pointing you to the harbour. However, upon entering, there aren’t many signage at the harbour. If, following the course of the road, you drove into a payable multi-storey parking garage, don’t panic. There are grace period.

Once inside the garage, follow the exit sign to exit. We weren’t charge for the short entry and exit. Upon exit, you should be able to catch some signs directing your car to the ferry boarding area. This is located next to the ferry terminal where you purchase your ferry tickets.

Ferry Tickets

You can check the ferry price for passengers and car at their official website. We paid KRW26,000 for our 9-seater Kia Caravan. This is on top of the ferry cost we paid for each passengers. You will need the passports of all passengers to buy the tickets.

Each passenger will be given 2 tickets. One ticket for departing Jeju, and the other for departing Udo. As for the car, you will be given a decal to be placed at a specific spot (instruction is given) on the dashboard.

Boarding the Ferry

Once your tickets are checked, you will be shown the queue for boarding of cars. Your brood of passengers do not have to leave the car throughout the entire process.

To board your car, follow the instructions of the personnel. You will need to reverse your car into the space allocated to you.

Both passengers and cars share the same entrance. So, it is important that you apply the brake to your car once parked and off the engine.

During Ferry Journey

You can leave your car and roam around the ferry for some great photos. During winter, there are two heated rooms.

Return to your car as the ferry approaches Udo. Passengers and cars share the same exit. It can get chaotic with hordes of passengers coming around your car. So, don’t wait till it docks to return to the car.

Departing the Ferry

Again, follow the instructions of the personnel. Do note that there are two ferry terminals in Udo. Thus, even if you can’t remember which one you departed from, it’s alright. Just go to any one as long as you have the tickets and the car decal.

Coastal Drive on Udo Island

You can hardly find any road signs on Udo Island. Nevertheless, given the island’s small size, you can’t go wrong even without these signs.

There’s a two-way coastal drive that encircle the island. This is shared by bicycles and electric cars. So, it can be a challenge at times. However, don’t be put off by this. This road is extremely scenic with numerous Instagram worthy stop points.

Some scenic spots come with designated parking lots. Parking is free. For those that doesn’t come with designated parking lots, you can park on any open space as long as your car is not obstructing traffic.

Driving Across Udo Island

There are just a couple of major road (two-way still) that runs across the island. And these are also shared by bicycles and electric cars. These roads are a little narrower but in excellent condition.

However, avoid driving into the unmarked labyrinth of side roads that serves the residential area. It is a giant maze! In addition, these roads are narrow and residents’ cars are often parked along the road making crossing difficult or impossible.

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