Mussels and Oyster farm in Ston Croatia

Visiting Ston City from Dubrovnik

On your long drive to this far flung city Dubrovnik in Croatia, if you are coming from the direction of Split, then Ston City is a must-stop destination not to be missed.

If the crossing into Bosnia for the drive into Dubrovnik is a concern, then check out our experience of Driving to Dubrovnik Old City.

Getting to Ston City

Ston city is about an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik old city. It is best covered either on your way to Dubrovnik or on your way back towards Split.

The roads leading to Ston and Mali Ston are flanked by rolling hills and reservoirs where the farming of oysters, mussels are. The light traffic makes stopping to soak in the tranquility easy.

Mussels and Oyster farm in Ston Croatia

Perfect Place for Seafood 

Ston City is a small town renowned for the freshest oyster, mussels and clams. After all, the town farm these themselves.

There are numerous seafood restaurants here. Thus, prices are competitive. We chose a restaurant at the back alley since the price was good and was crowded. Ordered their signature clam platter for 2 person and paid only half the price for a similar platter that we had in Zadar.

The one we had in Zadar was delicious and tasty. But this one in Ston City was amazingly addictive!


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Seafood is the main highlight of this town. But, Ston City is also well-known for housing Europe’s second longest city wall.


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It is not called the second longest for no reason. The Wall of Ston traces round and round the mountains surrounding Ston city and Mali Ston. We only managed to capture a tiny little part of this massive city wall in the picture above.

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