Vimanmek Mansion office building

Vimanmek Mansion – Summer Palace in Bangkok

Vimanmek Mansion was King Chulalongkorn’s celestial residence. Though the mansion is a stark contrast to the glamorous Grand Palace, it is nevertheless an architecture wonder itself. Built according to Thai tradition using golden teak wood and no nails at all, the summer palace is the world largest teak wood building. 

Getting There

Entrance to Vimanmek Mansion is included in the ticket to the Grand Palace. Nevertheless, it is no where near the Grand Palace. In fact, it is nestled in a serene residential area, away from the tourist hub. With no signage directing to it, getting here by bus requires some effort. So the best way is to hop on a cab.

Vimanmek Mansion

Originally built in 1868 on the island of Ko Si Chang as the King’s summer palace, Vimanmek Mansion was moved to the Dusit Palace in 1901.

The mansion is where King Rama V resides. There is a free one hour guided tour which provides insights to the life of the king, and the function of the various rooms. Of the 72 rooms in the mansion, only 31 are opened for viewing.

Other than Vimanmek Mansion, spread across the neatly spruced compound are other characteristic buildings meant for the king to entertain and work.

This building which is surrounded by water is where the king entertains.

And this is one of the buildings where the king and his government officials work.

Vimanmek Mansion work roomWith the buildings surrounded by water and greenery, the Summer Palace compound exults a tranquil atmosphere that is best enjoyed with a stroll.

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