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Top 5 Cultural Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its extensive offer of cheap shopping, fantastic Thai massage and irresistibly mouthwatering Thai cuisine (ooh…just thinking of it is enough to make me drool). However, Bangkok has more than just these to offer. There are interesting cultural attractions in Bangkok that are worth exploring too.

The following are the top must-visit attractions in Bangkok if you are feeling cultural and short on time.


Given Bangkok’s notorious traffic jam, the best way to travel to these destinations is by water taxi that ploughs the Chao Phraya River. Water taxi here is similar in nature to that in Venice. Before you start fantasizing of a romantic boat ride…..STOP! You will be travelling in a bum boat which gave no romantic vibe. But, you get to escape the traffic jams by paying only a pinch of what you would pay in Venice.

There is a boat conductor on board to collect the fares and announce the name of the upcoming dock. Let him/her know in advance where you are headed and the friendly conductor will alert you when the boat reaches your dock.

Top Cultural Attractions in Bangkok

Wat Arun

Coming from Bangkok’s city centre via boat, Wat Arun will be the first attraction that you encounter. The most impressive of the temple is its 80 meter high center tower which glow under the sun.  Read about Wat Arun – Temple of Dawn

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Wat Pho

Another 10 minutes boat ride from Wat Arun brings one to the dock nearest to Wat Pho. The road from the dock to the Wat is packed with scammers…beware!!

Wat Pho is the oldest and largest Wat in Bangkok. Here, visitors will be enchanted by dazzling Chedis of Thailand’s first 3 kings; and the largest reclining Buddha statue.  Read about Wat Pho – Oldest Temple in Bangkok

Small chedis in Wat Pho

Grand Palace

Located 15 minutes away on foot from Wat Pho is the Grand Palace. The palace is built as an exact replica of Thailand’s second capital, Ayutthaya. Apart from the royal residence, it also houses the renowned Temple of the Emerald Buddha, one of the most venerated sites in Thailand.  Read about The Grand Palace of Bangkok

Exterior wall of Temple of Emerald Buddha

Vimanmek Mansion

Vimanmek Mansion is the world largest teak wood building built of golden teak wood and with no nails at all. Entrance to the Mansion is included in the ticket to the Grand Palace. However, its inconvenient location means the easiest way to get here is by cab.  Read about Vimanmek Mansion – Summer Palace of Bangkok.

Top Cultural Attraction Outside Bangkok


There are many more interesting temples worth exploring in and around Bangkok. If you have an extra day to spare, we highly recommend Ayutthaya, an ancient city that’s about an hour’s drive from Bangkok. If you have been mesmerised by Angkor Wat – Heart of Siem Reap, then Ayutthaya will charm you just as much.  Read about Ayutthaya – Ancient City Where Time Stood Still.  

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