Rastoke – Hidden Paradise & Xanadu of Croatia

Rastoke, a quaint watermill village built along the Slunjcica River, is a paradise that seems to have been left unscathed throughout Croatia’s war history.

Stepping into this fairy-tale village felt surreal. Houses were built over and around river path and mini waterfalls.

House in Rastoke

This house has a river and mini waterfall in its backyard! 😯


House in Rastoke

Isn’t it fascinating to have a house built over a gushing river; and next to the balcony (hidden) is a real life waterfall and a wood? No matter how tough my day is, coming back to such a house, the soothing sound of waterfall is definitely going to bring back the balance to my soul and senses!

Nevertheless, the most photogenic and breathtaking part lies on the northern side of Rastoke where the Slunjcica River flows into the Korana River.

Slunjcica River flowing into Korana River


Stepping into Rastoke felt like heaven! Our hearts were immediately stolen by Rastoke’s magical charm.

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