Preah Khan Temple

Preah Khan – Temple in a Jungle

Lying quietly on the north of Angkor Thom is the monastic Preah Khan temple. A long sandy path flanked by monumental craved stone garudas leads to the main entrance.

Originally a Buddhist monastery and school to over 1,000 monks, the temple is in a dilapidated state and is slowly undergoing restoration. Similar to many other temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park, the walls of Preah Khan temple is full of carvings too.

Wall carvings in Preah Khan Temple

However, the main feature that stands out in this temple is the long and narrow passageways. As we moved through the passageway, the entrance (door frames) gets lower and lower till we had to squat down in order to pass through.

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The whole temple compound is like a maze. Being lesser know than the other temples, there is hardly any tourist there. This gave us the opportunity to explore and “get lost” in the maze. At the end of one of the passageway led us to this chedi.

Chedi in Preah Khan Temple

The tranquility of Preah Khan makes it a good place to take a break from the crowd and really soak in the remains of the past.

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