Macau tower and Taipa bridge night view

Nightlife in Macau – Greyhound Racing & Casino

Macau is a city that never sleep! There are abundance of night activities (karaoke, pubbing, casino, food) to keep visitors to this Asian Las Vegas busy and away from their beauty sleep. That said, how could we miss it right?

To soothe our aching bodies and perk ourselves up for the long night, we tried searching for a massage parlour. Unfortunately, finding a decent one for couples and women is an uphill task.


Not wanting to waste anymore time on an impossible mission, we headed off to the next must visit in Macau, the Canidrome. It is the place where the famous greyhound racing takes place!

The Canidrome is 35 mins walk from Senado Square. But, it will not be a pleasant walk as the Canidrome is located in a busy and messy residential district flooded with make-shift stalls and flea markets. So, our advise is to take the bus.

Don’t expect to see a grand building with fanciful decor. It is really just a place to satisfy greyhound gamblers. Being a weekday, queue for placing bets was short. And since admission fee is applied to the first bet, let’s try our luck!

This is one of ‘our’ dogs. Look how motivated our dog was…first to kick start! End result…it lost its speed closer to the end of the race and came in 2nd last….there goes our bets 😥



No luck with the dogs? How about the jackpot machines?

Having heard so much of the floating casino (澳門皇宮), we went straight for it. Somehow, the place looks desolated and the occasional staffs whom we met looked intimidating (more like bouncers). Guess it is not for small-timers like us?

Macau floating casino

While walking from the floating casino (which is near to the Fisherman’s Wharf) back to the main casino cluster, we came across the elegant-looking boutique casino, Babylon Casino.

Boutique casino in Fisherman Wharf

It has a rather cosy interior. But we already had our eyes set on Wynn casino, so we didn’t lingered long. The light display outside Wynn was beautiful but it was the nightly performances that really drew us here.

Wynn casino night view


Light display outside Wynn casino

The food outlets here offers good variety of cuisines as well. We had delicious roast duck for dinner…crispy skin with succulent meat….yummy!

Finally, we visited Macau’s oldest and most famous (or should I say notorious?) casino, Lisboa. There is no performances to look forward to. Instead, the number one “sight-seeing” here is the parade of China prostitutes along the walkway of one of its wing. What a sight to behold!

It was way past midnight when we made our way back to our hotel. Normally, we would not be roaming the streets in a foreign land at that hour. But, the dazzling lights of the casinos kept the city vibrant and the many cafes remaining opened (some even crowded) somehow let us felt safe even at this wee hour.

Macau casino

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