Landmines in Landmine Museum in Siem Reap

Landmine Museum in Siem Reap

As we mesmerise at the ruins of Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat, the main attractions that drew thousands of tourist to Siem Reap; let’s not forget the cruel and painful past that Cambodia suffered through the many years of civil wars it went through. This is precisely why this small scale private landmine museum was set up.

Entrance to landmine museum in Siem Reap

Despite having vast area of lands, most of these cannot be used as they are full of landmines left over from the wars. It is estimated that it will take the Cambodians 100 years before they can clear their land of landmines. Till then, they have no choice but to continue risk stepping on landmines which has became a daily affair.

This museum reminds us of the cruelty of war and the harm it brought with it through the decades. It is also to raise awareness on the serious problems of landmine in Cambodia. The extensive variety of mines being displayed here were actual landmines dug out from the fields.

Landmine museum in Siem Reap
Most common ordinance used in Cambodia
Landmine museum in Siem Reap 01
Most common mines used in Cambodia

Landmine museum in Siem Reap 03

With the advancement in technology, we hope that the Cambodians can be free of landmine sooner.

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